Sandwich Wall Panels Manufacturer in China

Luton has rich experience in providing sandwich wall panels for wall façade systems. Our sandwich wall panel adheres to fire rating, sound transmission class, and R-value.

  • CE-approved
  • Available in standard and typical colors
  • Energy-efficient
  • Easy and quick to install

Luton Sandwich Wall Panel

Luton sandwich wall panel ensures energy-efficient, airtight, and long-lasting use for any type of building. Our range of sandwich wall panels comes with a variety of PIR core or mineral wool options. They are widely used in many different applications like production plants, logistic centers, warehouses, commercial centers, and offices. Different accessories needed for sandwich wall panel are also available from us and allows fast, easy, and safe installation.

Luton is your leading sandwich wall panel manufacturer in China with over 40 years of experience. Our expertise and knowledge allow us to provide one-stop services, from product design, site construction services, and BIM intelligent design. We use high-quality steel materials from Masteel, Baosteel, Yeih Phui, and more.

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Sandwich Wall Panels

Glass Wool Sandwich Wall Panel

The glass wool sandwich panel has a high-quality, attractive look, attractive appearance, and is practical to use. These are widely used for various applications such as factories, plants, warehouses, workshops, etc.

Decorative Wall Siding PU Sandwich Panel

The decorative wall PU sandwich panel is used for prefabricated houses. Assembled to support various construction in a seamless way. Has a unique profiling design and is one of the best-looking panels.

EPS Sandwich for Roof and Wall Panel

Has various advantages such as heat preservation, energy-saving, providing a beautiful atmosphere, a long life, etc. Widely used for structure workshops, activity board room, fire prevention workshops, etc.

Customized Sandwich Wall Panel

Has a modern design style and has the capability of providing a solution for different projects such as total solution projects, graphic design, cross categories consolidation, etc.

Polyurethane Sandwich Wall Panel

Has a core thickness range of 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, and can be also customized. The core density of this wall panel is around 35-45kg/m3 depending on its corresponding thickness.

Cement Wall Panels Concrete EPS Sandwich Panel

The cement wall EPS sandwich panel is a super high wall and provides a special wall application. The impact resistance of this cement wall panel is 1.5 times more impact resistant than the general masonry.

Sandwich Wall Panel Advantage

Luton sandwich panel is manufactured with unique characteristics that are used to design a non-standard building. We design them with deep profiling for the maximum hardness of the panel. The primary advantages of using the Luton sandwich wall panel are the following:

  • SPEED: Our wall sandwich panel allows cheap and fast installation.
  • HEAT: Outstanding thermal insulation (EPS lub MW, PU).
  • RELIABILITY: It has a transfer external load on the supporting structure.
Sandwich Wall Panel Advantage