Clean Room Sandwich Panel Manufacturer

Luton is a leading manufacturer of the sandwich panel for a standard clean room which provides excellent soundproof, flame retardant, and is environmentally friendly. We can customize them according to our client’s specifications.

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Cost-saving
  • Beautiful appearance
  • High applicability

Luton Clean Room Sandwich Panel

Luton clean room sandwich panel is composed of two metal panel layers and useful material from the center. We design them with the properties of lightweight, quick installation, and environmental protection. Being a leading cleanroom sandwich panel manufacturer in China, we can provide them with different core materials such as paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, PIR, PU, Rock wool, magnesium, etc.

Luton can customize different sandwich panels for clean room applications. We can customize them to your special requirements: size, material, custom cut, thickness, and other specifications. These are certified by FM and CE standards to ensure quality. Luton provides excellent quality cleanroom sandwich panels and outstanding services.

Clean Room Sandwich Panel

Clean Room Aluminum Sandwich Panel

The clean room aluminum sandwich panel has a core material of aluminum and has a core thickness of 50mm. The density core of the clean room aluminum sandwich panel is ranging around 60kg to 120kg/m3.

GMP Standard Modular Clean Room Sandwich Panel

The GMP standard clean room sandwich panels pass the ISO standards and FS209E standards. It is a very easy-to-install cleanroom panel. This panel helps to provide a high-level clean area without spending a lot of money.

Sandwich Panel Swing Clean Room Door

Its wall thickness is the same as the thickness of the wall. The door material is made of powder-coated steel plate /HPL + aluminum profile. Available in various colors such as grey, red, white, blue, etc.

Clean Room Fireproof Sandwich Panels

Provides an advantage of energy conservation, flame retardant, airtight isolation, fire prevention, fast construction, etc. Can be easy to assemble and disassemble without damage even several times.

Insulated PU Clean Room Sandwich Panel

Insulated PU sandwich clean room panel is widely used in fresh storage rooms, cold storage rooms, air-conditioned rooms, various purification rooms, fire prevention workshops, chicken houses, steel structure workshops, etc.

Dust-Free Modular Clean Room Sandwich Panel

Very essential to different kinds of the manufacturing process as contamination are high affect the good’s quality that been produced. It definitely lowers the possibility of the product becoming contaminated.

Advantages of Cleanroom Sandwich Panel

Luton is a leading manufacturer of cleanroom sandwich panels with the following advantages:

  1. Made of modular installation, aluminum profiles, are easy and convenient and can be customized.
  2. Great for numerous environmental conditions and provides numerous core materials with a high level of fire resistance, noise reduction, corrosion-resistant, and moisture resistant.
  3. Can be installed with a flushed cleanroom door in a high level of cleanliness.
  4. Pre-assembled pipeline box and hole reinforcement to minimize secondary pollution when used.
Advantage of Cleanroom Sandwich Panel