Foam Sandwich Panels Manufacturer in China

Luton skillfully manufactures a series of sandwich panels, including foam ones. We made them with various external materials in different thicknesses and designs. You can also send us your desired designs and measurements, and we will instantly provide them. Whether for your business or industrial projects, Luton got you covered!

  •  Manufactured with high-quality structural foam
  • High-strength and stiffness
  • Wide range of applications
  • Easy to transport and install

Custom Foam Sandwich Panels

The foam sandwich panels mainly feature lighter weight, high durability, and ease of handling. They are more advantageous than solid composite plates. The sandwich panels are designed with various foam core materials, including fiberglass, polyurethane, and carbon fibers. The foam cores are waterproof and have noise resistance. Luton also manufactures them with damp-proof bottom and protected top coats.

So if you are searching for suitable foam core sandwich panels, communicate with our team, and we will make them according to your needs. We can customize our supply sandwich panels to reach your finishing necessities. Luton performs various manufacturing techniques, including cutting, finishing, and assembling.

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Fiber Foam Board Sandwich Panel

The fiber foam board sandwich panels feature water resistance and durability. They are available in different thickness ranges from 4mm to 40mm, or custom. These panels are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, etc.

Structural Foam Sandwich Panel

The structural sandwich foam panels keep the room warm, featuring fire insulation and eco-friendliness. They are designed with lightweight, damp-proof, energy-saving, anti-seismic, and space-saving capacities. 

External foam sandwich panel

External foam sandwich panels are suitable for exterior walling and partitions. They come with decorative designs, lightweight, and waterproof advantages. These sandwich panels have a wide range of sizes and smooth outer surfaces.

Isolated Sandwich Foam Panel

The isolated sandwich foam panels are the ideal thermal insulation building materials. Their thicknesses and width are customizable as requested. Various color options are available with flexible designs and durability.

Foam Sandwich Panel for Storage

Foam sandwich panels for freezer storage are applicable for warehouses. The other specifications, like thicknesses and outer material, are customizable.

Foam Sandwich Metal Carved Panel

The foam sandwich metal carved panels are perfect wall partitions for office buildings, workshops, hotels, etc. Luton customizes the with your required sizes, colors, and lengths.

Luton After-Sale Services Offered

Luton provides one-stop services from design, product, site construction integration services, and BIM intelligent design for the enclosure system. The following are the Luton added offered services:

  • Online technical support
  • Innovative building materials
  • Onsite Installation
  • Onsite Inspection
  • Training and maintenance
  • Return and replacement