Honeycomb Sandwich Panel Manufacturer in China

Luton is a leading manufacturer and supplier of honeycomb sandwich panels made up of two aluminum sheets laminated to a honeycomb core. It is manufactured using two-component the PU glue and through a thermal laminating process.

  • Offers superior weather-resistant
  • Provide excellent strength
  • Excellent in thermal conductivity
  • Suitable for transport and industry applications

Custom Honeycomb Sandwich Panel

Luton is a professional manufacturer of honeycomb sandwiches that offers lightweight but is strong and firm. The honeycomb sandwich panel is widely used for architectural purposes, linkway roofing, ceiling façade cladding, cleanroom wall, truck box wall panel, and many more. Many materials used to make honeycomb sandwich panels are aluminum alloy sheets, stainless steel, and metal.

We provide a honeycomb sandwich panel that provides higher straight-to-weight ratios. It is designed to have a high stiffness to mass ratio. Luton offers customized honeycomb sandwich panels in design, size, colors, and textures. Also, we can provide high-quality honeycomb sandwiches made from high-quality materials which excellent fireproof performance.

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Fireproof Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panel

The honeycomb core sandwich panel is widely used in the production workshop. It is made up of aluminum materials to provide waterproof and fireproof features.

Decorative Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panel

Our decorative honeycomb sandwich panels are applicable for exterior and interior construction. It is mold-proof, anti-static, and anti-bacterial.

Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Panel

The aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel is the main component for modern cleanroom walls and ceilings. It resists dust collection and is easy to clean.

Honeycomb Fiber Glass Sandwich Panel

We manufacture honeycomb fiberglass sandwich panels that are provide lightweight. It is made from aramid fiber paper coated with heat-resistant phenolic.

Honeycomb Sandwich Panel Carbon Fiber Board

The honeycomb sandwich panel carbon fiber board offers super light, high stiffness, high strength, and modulus corrosion resistance, and is applicable for a wide range of temperatures.

External Wall Cladding Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Panel

Luton external wall cladding aluminum honeycomb sandwich panels are available in customized colors to customers’ requirements. It is soundproof, smokeproof, moisture-proof, etc.

Honeycomb Sandwich Panel Features

We provide honeycomb panels that offer different features to meet the demand application for different industries.  It offers super flatness even for a big size panel of up to 2200x11800mm. Our honeycomb sandwich panel is ideal for decorative materials such as project, and rooms, that needs flat & net wall elevations. These are lightweight panels, high fire retardant as per GB8624, and classified as A2 & pass BS476 testing. This means that it can be used for different especially for high-rise building that requires fire retardant grades.

Our Honeycomb Sandwich Panel is available in different surfaces and colors to meet different designs for your requirements. Generally, our honeycomb sandwich panel is fabricated depending on your desired styles and sizes. Also, Luton provides a one-stop service together with 24 hours communication.

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Honeycomb Sandwich Panel Features