40mm Sandwich Panel Manufacturer in China

Luton uses high-quality raw materials to manufacture a 40mm sandwich panel with high-density water-repellent rock wool that has exceptional fireproof, acoustic, and heat insulation properties. Apart from that, all of our 40mm sandwich panels have received FM and CE approval.

  • Installation is quick and simple
  • Thermo-insulation perfection
  • Any building’s aesthetic appearance
  • Tightness of air and water

Luton 40mm Sandwich Panel

Luton offers an economical sandwich panel solution for all customers. The 40mm sandwich panel is designed to implement a variety of industrial functions. It has excellent resistance to atmospheric factors and heat and good heat insulation. Also, it gives durability, beauty, functionality, and universality that are necessary for different kinds of buildings such as — commercial, industrial, and agricultural buildings, logistics centers, warehouses, etc. 

Luton is the largest 40mm sandwich panel provider in China, manufacturing thousands of products. We utilize the highest quality of raw materials to produce and process a variety of 40mm sandwich panels that give outstanding results and performances. Furthermore, our 40mm sandwich panel already obtains the ISO and CE certificates, showing its product good quality standing and authenticity. 

40mm Exterior Decoration PU Sandwich Panel

High insulation value, low energy consumption. It is easily installed, reducing the total cost. Lightweight and high-hardness, earthquake-proof. Thermal and sound insulation and inflammable retardant. Better decorative effects, more design choices.

Fiberglass Composite External Sandwich Panels 40mm

A fiberglass composite external sandwich panel 40mm core material you choose is determined by your needs. Alternately, Luton may suggest an appropriate composite panel based on your requirements for strength, insulation, application, pricing, and so forth.

Phenolic Foam Insulation Board Sandwich Panels 40mm

Non-dripping, non-softening, non-flame diffusion, flame penetration resistance, and strong heat preservation and energy-saving properties. It is suitable for external wall insulation and combines great fire protection with a strong energy-saving impact.

40mm Polyurethane Insulated Wall Roof Sandwich Panel

Fireproof, waterproof, thermal insulation, soundproof, earthquake-proof, eco-friendly, flame retardant, and easy installation are all features of this product. This product is applicable for buildings, hospitals, schools, malls, external, internal, ceilings, roofing, etc.

Sandwich Panel House 40mm Foam Insulation

Sound absorption and noise reduction, antibacterial and mildew-proof, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, and heat preservation. Luton offers design freedom and the ability to choose from a variety of panel configurations and color options.

40mm PU Sandwich Panel for Interior and Exterior Wall

Luton products have been widely used in all aspects of the construction industry. The various roofs and walls refer to the large-sized factory buildings, storage, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, freezing stores, and purification workshops.

Luton 40mm Sandwich Panel Advantages

The 40mm sandwich panel is among the sturdiest material found at Luton. However, the versatile construction of our 40mm sandwich panel brings out explicit benefits, especially in industrial structures:

  • High adiabatic capability
  • High fire resistance
  • Durable corrosion-resistant coatings
  • Good discharge of rainwater
  • Sustainable for years of use
  • Less maintenance
  • Compatible system
  • Matches panel of different thickness
  • Bearing high capacity
Luton 40mm Sandwich Panel Advantages