75mm Sandwich Panel Supplier in China

Luton is a leading manufacturer of 75mm sandwich panels in the steel industry. All 75mm sandwich panels have passed international certification standards. It can be utilized as a roof or wall. Extensively applied in food logistics, electronics, industrial workshops, and other fields.

  • Convenient installation
  • Fireproof and water-proof
  • Excellent sound insulation and high fire-resistance
  • Can be customized according to specifications

Luton 75mm Sandwich Panel

The 75mm sandwich panel is composed of three layers, the external, internal, and core. It is used as internal partition walls and external walls. The panels can be hung vertically or horizontally on single- or multi-span structures. Luton provides a 75mm sandwich panel with a high level of fire resistance.

As a leading manufacturer, we produce panels made of quality materials. It has good rust resistance and is corrosion-proof. Additionally, a shiny, smooth surface that is both waterproof and moth-proof. Our 75mm sandwich panel achieved the goal of quality, efficiency, reliability, and safety. Moreover, we offer custom support if you want a bespoke 75mm sandwich panel solution.

75mm EPS Sandwich Roof Panel

The 75mm EPS sandwich roof panel is an earthquake, windstorm, and bug resistant. They can be utilized in a structure that requires very strong fire resistance. Widely used in roofs, walls, steel structures factory buildings, and so on.

75mm PU Insulated Sandwich Panel

The 75mm PU insulated sandwich panel has excellent waterproof performance. Available in B1 & 2 fireproof levels. Because the PU core material is solid, the panel has high strength. The roof structure has excellent thermal insulation.

75mm Steel-faced Sandwich Panel

The 75mm steel-faced sandwich panel is ideal for use in logistics centers, warehouses, storage sheds, and so on. Panel features temperature control, weatherproofing, and heat insulation. It is simple to set up and can be used multiple times.

75mm PUF Sandwich Panel

Luton offers a 75mm PUF sandwich panel with low thermal conductivity. It has excellent thermal insulation capabilities. Intended use for warehouse and clean rooms. The panel is manufactured in compliance with set industrial standards.

75mm Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

Our 75mm rock wool sandwich panel offers excellent sound absorption. The NCR ranges from 0.80 to 0.95. Luton panels are free of CFCs, HFCs, and HCFs. It contains phenol resins within acceptable levels. Custom options are available.

75mm Glass Wool Sandwich Panel

The 75mm glass wool sandwich panel features thermal insulation and sound insulation. It can be used at temperatures ranging from -200 to 150 degrees Celsius. Energy savings, environmental preservation, cost-effectiveness, and waterproofing.

Luton 75mm Sandwich Panel Structural Performance

Luton 75mm sandwich panels are made up of two layers of weather-resistant colored steel sheets. Its strong structural capacity makes it suitable for various roofs and walls application. The following are the main features.

  • Thermal Insulation: suitable for temperatures ranging from -200 centigrade to 150 centigrade.
  • Sound Insulation: good sound absorption, can efficiently decrease outside noise interference.
  • High Rigidity: the panel has high strength, high wind resistance capacity, high pressure, and bearing resistance. Suitable for use as an outside protected and load-carrying structure.
  • Simple Installation: Simple, versatile, and quick. It can reduce building time by over 40% as compared to traditional construction.
75mm Sandwich Panel Structural Performance