PU Sandwich Panel Manufacturer in China

Luton produces sandwich panels with PU core materials. We assure high-quality and FM, CE certified approved products. Using our complete equipment, we perform different techniques, customizing your sandwich panel according to your needs.

  • High flame resistance
  • Suitable for horizontal or vertical installation
  • Vast range insulation core thicknesses
  • High-durability

Expert PU Sandwich Panel Supplier in China

PU or Polyurethane sandwich panels are completed in three layers. They have internal and external parts typically made from aluminum or galvanized corrugated plates. These sandwich panels also have high-density polyurethane foam cores. PU sandwich panels have high fire resistance properties, making them ideal for various building applications. These panels are one of the in-demand acoustic materials applied on construction projects.

Luton can precisely provide the designs, sizes, and thicknesses you need for projects and business. We utilize high-quality raw materials to manufacture and process advantageous PU sandwich panels. Our company owns high-tech machines used for customizing requested panel specifications. 

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PU Sandwich Decorative Panels

The PU sandwich decorative panels are made with sturdy materials that can withstand earthquake impacts. They feature noise resistance and eco-friendliness.

PU Sectional Sandwich Panels

PU sectional sandwich panels are typically installed in a door or as window accessories. They are supported with a metal material structure with a PU foam inner. Various colors and thickness levels are available.

PU Sandwich Cladding Panels

The PU sandwich cladding panels have customizable lengths and patterns. They feature ease of installation. This panel type provides thermal insulation performance than traditional exterior walls.

PU Sandwich Exterior Wall Panels

The PU sandwich exterior wall panels are standard for building and apartment applications. Their lightweight feature makes them easier to install, transport, and handle. Their prints and length are customizable.

PU Marble Texture Sandwich Panels

As the name hints, PU marble texture sandwich panels have marble design texture. They are ideal walling decorations for workshops, farmhouses, hotels, etc. These panels have customizable features.

PU Sandwich Insulation Panels

The PU sandwich insulation panels are available in different coatings, like fluorocarbon, imitation or natural stone, and imitation bricks. Their external surface may be smooth, textured, or customized as requested. They also have wide-size options.

PU Sandwich Panel


THICKNESS: 50/75/100/150mm.

PU Sandwich Panel

Custom PU Sandwich Panel Applications

Luton manufactures a series of PU sandwich panels suitable for various usages. They are commonly installed as indoor partitions and external walls. Consider the following applications:

  • Sports halls
  • Agricultural objects
  • Commercial offices
  • Steel structure buildings
  • Logistic centers
  • Fire-rated buildings
  • more

Wall Sandwich Panel Panel Description


PU Sandwich Panel Advantages:

1. Low thermal conductivity of≤0.020. It has a high-efficient thermal insulation effect.
2. A high percentage of close area ≥90% and low moisture absorption ≤3%. It has an excellent waterproof effect.
3. It adopts the unique concave-convex type which improves the tightness of the socket of the panel. High viscosity, high strength≥220 and good load resistance performance≥2450.
4. Excellent flame-resistance level B.
5. Wide scope of temperature resistance.
6. The panel is even and stable.
7. The dimensional stability is good≤2.
8. It is a green and environmental-friendly product.
9. Easy and convenient construction.
10. Fast and quick installation.

Insulation Effect – Compared with Different Core Materials


In terms of raw material proportioning and process output, PUR products employ the globally advanced six-component online automatic (SIMENS) mixing and pouring technology and have realized six-component continuous foaming for the first time in China. With the technology, the mixing and proportioning process may be finished in an online way; the formula may be adjusted according to environmental changes; air feeding and mixing devices may be used to make raw material mixing more even and foam finer, thus producing high-strength, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly building boards.


Polyisocyanurate is called PIR for short. For the composite boards developed , excessive isocyanurate is added and ring structure and higher isocyanurate index are employed in the compounds to form compact PIR products, thus ensuring greater stability and excellent heat and fire resistance for the internal rigid foams. Experiments show that the products can endure a temperature up to 200ºC in short time period or to 160ºC for long time.

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