EPS Sandwich Panel Manufacturer in China

Luton is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, lightweight, and water-resistant EPS sandwich panels. We offer the EPS sandwich panels in a variety of thicknesses, widths, colors, and other specifications. Custom EPS sandwich panels are also available for your specific needs.

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EPS Sandwich Panel Description

Luton is manufacturing EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) sandwich panels that have features such as good energy-absorbing characteristics, lightweight, ease of installation, superior thermal insulation, good sound insulation properties, water resistance, and fire resistance. They are commonly used for interior & exterior walling and roofing in hospitals, commercial establishments, factories, schools, warehouses, and other types of buildings. Our EPS sandwich panels can provide better indoor air quality, comfortable surroundings, reduced noise, and reduced temperature variations.

Moreover, our EPS sandwich panels are manufactured in a fully automated panel production line in China. We use high-quality and carefully selected raw materials to ensure the quality of our EPS sandwich panels. Our EPS sandwich panels are also thoroughly inspected before delivering them to you. At Luton, we ensure you get high-quality EPS sandwich panels at reasonable prices.

If you have questions about our EPS sandwich panels, do not hesitate to leave us a message.

Luton EPS Sandwich Panel

EPS Sandwich Wall Panel

The EPS sandwich wall panels are ideal for partitions or walling in warehouses, office buildings, schools, hospitals, etc. They have good sound insulation, water resistance, excellent impact resistance, heat insulation, and light weight.

EPS Sandwich Roof Panel

The EPS sandwich roof panels are ideal for exterior roofing applications due to their excellent UV resistance, corrosion resistance, optimum strength, wind resistance, and excellent thermal insulation. They have a color-coated corrugated surface.

Outdoor EPS Sandwich Panels

The outdoor EPS sandwich panels are ideal for exterior and roofing applications. They are widely used in factory buildings, warehouses, and other types of buildings. Moreover, they have water resistance, corrosion resistance, and weather resistance.

Aluminum EPS Sandwich Panels

The aluminum EPS sandwich panels are designed with an embossed aluminum zinc steel cover that has an HDP coating. They can be used for walling, partitions, and insulating rooms. Also, they have good sound insulation and B1-level fire resistance.

EPS Cement Sandwich Panel

The EPS cement sandwich panels have a middle core that is filled with cement and polystyrene beads. They have fireproof, waterproof, and damp-proof features. Moreover, they have a good heat-insulation effect and a sound reduction factor of about 46dB.

Panneau Steel EPS Sandwich Panels

The panneau steel EPS sandwich panels have decorative and modern design surfaces. They are great for interior partitions and walling applications. They can reduce noise, and are waterproof, lightweight, long-lasting, and durable.

EPS Sandwich Panel


THICKNESS: 50/75/100/150mm.

EPS Sandwich Panel Features

EPS Sandwich Panel Features

Our EPS sandwich panels have a lot of features. They have high strength and are suitable for high-rise buildings. Also, they can resist strong wind pressure. Since their core material is filled with fire-rated EPS or expanded polystyrene, they are 50% lighter than the usual wall panels without plastering. Moreover, our EPS sandwich panels meet the international environmental protection standards, they are resistant to fire and heat.

In addition, our EPS sandwich panels have an excellent sound insulation effect. They can reduce the interference noises outside. In fact, their sound reduction factor is not less than 30dB. Moreover, the EPS sandwich panels are water-resistant, attractive in appearance, and thermal-insulating.