Insulated Sandwich Roof Panels Manufacturer in China

Luton manufactures a wide range of insulated sandwich roof panels. The board fulfills the most stringent heat insulation requirements. It meets the required insulation qualities and bearing capacity. Ideal for your clean room, warehouse, and other construction projects.

  • Utilize thicker stainless steel material
  • Features better anti-rust function
  • Complies with FM, CE certification
  • One-stop support for your panel needs

Luton Insulated Sandwich Roof Panels

Insulated sandwich roof panels feature three layers, a top metal layer, a middle thermal material layer, and a bottom metal layer. The mid-layer can be made of PU foam, EPS board, or Rockwool strips. It is widely used for roofing, sidings, partitions, ceiling, or under sheeting. Luton Panel launches high-quality insulated sandwich roof panels.

With over 43 years of experience, Luton gains expertise in sandwich panel manufacturing. Our production equipment is imported from Italy. All of our panels passed CNAS testing and the provincial certification lab. Plus, it complies with FM and CE standards. Luton can fulfill your business needs to an optimum level. Send us your requirements now and get the best results.

100mm Roof Insulated Sandwich Panels

The 100mm roof insulated sandwich panels have a strong ability to eliminate dirt. Allows it to remain clean and smooth. It is fireproof, windstorm, bug resistant, and anti-corrosive. Energy-saving and eco-friendly as well.

90mm Sandwich Insulated Roof Panel

The 90mm sandwich insulated roof panel is easy to set up and simple to maintain. It is also lightweight and strong ensuring consistency & reliability. Panel adheres to the industry norms to preserve its quality.

50mm Insulated Roof Sandwich Panel

Luton 50mm insulated roof sandwich panel is earthquake-proof and anti-corrosion. It is also heat insulation and sound insulation. Aside from that, it can be recycled. Widely utilized in roofs, walls, partitions, ceilings, and more.

Insulated EPS Sandwich Roof Panel

The insulated EPS sandwich roof panel is available in two-colored aluminum corrugated plates or galvanized. They can be utilized in objects that require very strong fire resistance. Thicknesses of insulation core range from 25-100mm.

PU Sandwich Panel Insulated Roof

The PU sandwich panel insulated roof meets the most stringent heat insulation standards. Luton has essential insulation qualities and bearing capacities.Installation options include vertical and horizontal. The standard lengths are 2 to 10 meters.

Fireproof Insulated Sandwich Panel for Roof

Luton insulated sandwich panel for roofing offers excellent fire resistance. It is constructed with 5 frets on the outer face to give great resistance. The outside colors are red, white, and green. White inside. It has all quality certificates such as FM and CE.

Sustainable Insulated Sandwich Roof Paneling Solutions

At Luton, we make high-quality insulated sandwich roof panels. It is the perfect answer for a building’s energy conservation needs. Our primary goal is to achieve a positive energy balance. Implying less energy when panels are installed. It provides good thermal and fire performance.

In addition to standard roofing solutions, Luton offers insulated sandwich panels for low-pitch roofs and roof-tile systems. It may be installed vertically or horizontally. They can be installed on any sloped or flat roof, in a variety of profiles, colors, and textures.

Ideal for pharmaceuticals, power plants, electronics, food, automobile, and chemical factories.

Sustainable Insulated Sandwich Roof Paneling Solutions
Roof Sandwich Panel

Roof Sandwich Panel


THICKNESS: 50/75/100/150mm

Roof Sandwich Panel Description:

Roof Sandwich Panel Advantages:

1.High efficiency and energy conservation.

The excellent thermal insulation performance reduces building energy consumption and reduces costs on air-conditioning equipment.

2.Beautiful façade

The hidden nail connection guarantees hidden screws and more beautiful building walls.

3.Solid and durable

high-strength panels and excellent mechanical properties of walls.

4.Patented design

the unique double-support plug interface design ensures that walls have stronger wind pressure-resistant capacity and are solider.

5.Multiple choices

multiple panel types.

6.European Technology+Chinese Wisdom offer safer products.

7.The products have passed the tests conducted by national authoritative organizations and are used more confidently.


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