25mm Sandwich Panel Supplier in China

Luton supplies 25mm sandwich panels with comprehensive qualities. They are high-quality panels with FM and CE certifications. We can tailor your 25mm sandwich panel to your specifications.

  • Horizontally or vertically installation
  • Wide variety of insulation core thicknesses
  • Exceptional flame resistance
  • Convenient installation

Custom 25mm Sandwich Panel Manufacturer – Luton

25mm sandwich panel is one of the newly developed panels we offer to our nationwide customers. It is a system that protects structures from the elements and delivers the most practical and cost-effective way for them to stand strong. They are used to coat roofs and exterior cladding of buildings.

At Luton, we offer 25mm sandwich panels available from different materials (PUR, PIR, Mineral Wool, EPS). The right material for you depends on your building’s fire resistance and sound insulation requirements. You can use our panels for residential houses, warehouses, power plants, industrial facilities, and more.

EPS 25mm Sandwich Panel

25mm sandwich panel made of EPS material is guaranteed lightweight, cost-saving, fire safety, long lifespan, and discoloration-free. It is 100% high-quality.

Sandwich Panel for Cold Room

25mm thickness of the sandwich panel is a great option for cold room construction projects. It has lightweight features which make the installation easier.

25mm Thick-Insulated Panel

25mm thick-insulated panel offers excellent sound absorption quality. It is often used in commercial structures, industrial buildings, residential structures, etc.

25mm Steel Wall Sandwich Panel

The 25mm steel wall sandwich panel has high fire safety. It is commonly made of EPS and guaranteed B1 fire resistance level. Easy to install and convenient.

Wall Mounted Panel 25mm

The length, thickness, and designs of wall mounted panels 25mm are customizable. Often used in agricultural, military, residential, and industrial structures.

25mm Rockwool Sandwich Panel

We can customize a 25mm Rockwool sandwich panel to your project’s requirements. It offers excellent strength and resistance to external factors.

We Provide Long-Lasting 25mm Sandwich Panel

Sandwich panel longevity is determined by selecting the appropriate design requirements of individual parts depending on the building needs, the surroundings, and the climate conditions where it is located.

Its outer sheet should be resilient to temperature variations, UV radiation, and other external influences. However, the inner layer should be resistant to physical and chemical influences, as well as condensation caused by the building’s internal environment. With Luton, we guaranteed long-lasting 25mm sandwich panels.

We Provide Long-Lasting 25mm Sandwich Panel