100mm Sandwich Panel Manufacturer

Luton specializing in 100mm sandwich panel production for 43 years. It is made up of high-quality raw materials. Steel plates from domestic first-line steel mills like Masteel and Baosteel. Suitable for vertical or horizontal applications.

  • Meet the rigorous fire resistance requirements
  • Designed for sturdiness and flexibility
  • Comply with required insulation properties
  • 24/7 online sales communication

Luton 100mm Sandwich Panel

The 100mm sandwich panel applies to a temperature of -15 degrees Celcius. It resists water and heat, and bears congregate. Also, it has a rapid building speed. The panel can absorb a sound of over 30 dB/m2. Energy-saving, eco-friendly, anti-pressure, fireproof, and non-toxic are some of its excellent properties.

Luton offers comprehensive color options for a 100mm sandwich panel. Silver, blue, red, green, and white, are basic choices. However, we also provide any colors on RAL color. These panels have versatile applications, from commercial to industrial facilities. Whether single or multi-span structure buildings, Luton 100mm sandwich panel is a great choice. Send us your project requirements now.

100mm EPS Sandwich Roof Panel

The 100mm EPS sandwich roof panel is easy to use, stable, and light. Ideal for warehouse, roof, cold room, and more. EPS colors are white, blue, pink, green, or customize. The fireproof grade is B1 and B2. CE-certified.

100mm PU Insulation Sandwich Panel

The 100mm PU insulation sandwich panel comes in a modern design. Available colors are blue, white, pink, yellow, grey, green, etc. It is eco-friendly, lightweight, and energy-saving. Flame retardant: B1,B2,B3.

Customize 100mm Sandwich Wall Panel

Luton can custom design 100mm sandwich wall panel length. Width, thickness, density, fireproof rate, and other specifications can be customized according to client request. Advantage: fireproof, heat-insulation.

PIR Sandwich Wall Panel 100mm

Our PIR sandwich wall panel 100mm is a total solution for your project. Comes with a contemporary design, more stability, and good sealing. Applicable for cold room, planting room, warehouse, etc.

100mm Rock Wool Insulated Sandwich Panel

The 100mm rock wool insulated sandwich panel can be used in low-temperature environments. It possesses good insulation and heat transfer resistance. Panel length can be custom according to client request.

100mm Sandwich Cleanroom Wall Panel

Luton 100mm sandwich clean room wall panel has a light, beautiful appearance. It has low water absorption and the best hanging force. Applicable in various settings. Color: white, green, blue, red, silver, etc.

Grow Your Business with Luton 100mm Sandwich Panel

Our 100mm sandwich panel is utilized for walls and roofing of industrial/commercial buildings. If you’re looking for a reliable manufacturer for your project, then you must consider Luton. Here’s a reason why.

  • Over 40+ years of experience in 100mm sandwich panel manufacturing
  • Own imported production equipment such as OMS and pressing equipment
  • Deploy 2,000+ service employees, 200+ expert technical engineers
  • Provide one-stop support, from design to site construction services
  • Complete panel quality inspection, CNAS testing, CE, and FM norms
Luton 100mm Sandwich Panel