50mm Sandwich Panel Manufacturer in China

For more than 43 years, Luton has been a professional and qualified 50mm sandwich panel manufacturer. Luton is the first fully automated composite panel production line in China. We have a provincial certification laboratory and have successfully completed CNAS testing.

  • Economy of Investment
  • Exceptional Fire Resistance
  • Noise-Free Structures
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble

Luton 50mm Sandwich Panel

The 50mm sandwich panel is designed purposely for insulation roofing materials, along with its excellent property on heat and sound insulation and fire resistance. In addition, this is made with exceptional strength, higher thickness, and sturdiness that lasts longer. The special configurations, qualities, and features of our 50mm sandwich panel are perfectly fitted in different kinds of buildings. It has excellent thermal resistance, making it applicable for both interior and exterior wall system requirements.

Luton 50mm sandwich panels are accessible in various colors, a perfect necessity for house roofing projects. So if you are needing sufficient supply for a 50mm sandwich panel, feel free to communicate with our team. We can also offer any customization of our sandwich panel based on your certain needs. 

50mm PUR Insulation Sandwich Panel

The 50mm PUR insulation sandwich panel for cold room wall panels. The Cam-lock type PU sandwich panel features a cam-lock connection, is easy to install, and offers fire resistance, high compressive strength, good sealing, and other benefits. It is nonperishable and suitable for temperatures ranging from -50°C to +100°C.

Roof Sandwich Panel with 50mm Thickness

Easy to assemble and disassemble several times without damage. Heatproof and waterproof. Cost-saving and convenient transportation. Applicable for cold-room, container-house, prefab house, office, hotel, warehouse, workshop, shed, etc. Keep warm, flame retardant, fire prevention, airtight isolation, and quick construction. 

50mm Thickness PU Roof Sandwich Panel

A specific layer of the high-quality color-relief ornamental metal plate is applied to the PU sandwich panel’s surface. Fireproof, fire-resistant, waterproof, thermal insulation, soundproof, earthquake-proof, eco-friendly, flame retardant, and easy installation. It is very safe and convenient, suitable for the season.

50mm Sandwich Panel Clean Room Wall Panel

The 50mm sandwich panel clean room wall panel featured the following advantages: flush surface, airtight, dust-free, heat insulation, durable, self-supporting, and dismountable. It’s fast and easy to install. Luton has manufactured the best sandwich panel to meet industry requirements and needs.

Sandwich Panel Roofing with 50mm Light Insulation

Sandwich panel roofing with 50mm light insulation with the features. Economic: quick installation and saving the cost of construction. Reliable quality: mainly produced in the factory to control the quality. Anti-seismic: because the weight is light. Beautiful appearance: can purchase different colors. 

50mm Insulated Sandwich Clean Room Wall panel

The interior substance of a polyurethane cold storage board is light polyurethane. It has the advantage of providing great heat insulation. The exterior of the polyurethane cold storage board is made of galvanized steel plate, it helps to avoid temperature spread caused by temperature differences inside and outside.

Choose the Best 50mm Sandwich Panel at Luton

Luton 50mm sandwich panel is the benchmark in high thermal and insulation roofing construction. All of our 50mm sandwich panels are produced and processed by using the highest quality industrial grade materials that guarantee for most durable and long-established use. 

All 50mm sandwich panels are offered at a budget-friendly price, but guarantee satisfying and impressive performance. Our experience and expertise in this industry allow us to expand more and build a reputable image for all customers. Luton provides one-stop services — from design, and product, to integration services. 

Choose the Best 50mm Sandwich Panel at Luton