Leading Sandwich PUF Panel Manufacturer in China

Luton is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Sandwich PUF panels which generally consist of two outer metal sheets which are aluminum and steel. It is widely and successfully used for various fast-track construction projects.

  • High fire resistance
  • Provide excellent thermal insulations
  • Lightweight for easy to lift
  • Suitable for any type of construction

Luton Sandwich PUF Panel

Luton is a number one provider of sandwich PUF panels made from high-quality polyurethane that is usually sandwiched between two metal sheets. The sandwich PUF panel are commonly used for steel structures such as exhibitions, airports, cold storage, halls, auditoriums, etc.  It is available in various sizes, colors, and designs and offers excellent sound, heat resistance and insulating properties.

We offer customized sandwich PUF panel fit for your needs from color sizes and design. With 43 years of experience in manufacturing a glass wool sandwich panel we always make sure that it is made from high-quality materials. We also provide one-stop service, from designing to manufacturing.

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Fireproof PUF Sandwich Panel

Our fireproof PUF sandwich panels are available in core thickness that ranges from 50mm to 200mm.  It is also available in different colors including white, gray, blue, red, and more.

PUF Roof Insulated Sandwich Panels

We manufacture PUF roof insulated sandwich panels that are widely used for ceiling, wall, and roof applications. It features high thermal conductivity, moisture permeability, and fireproof rating.

Fireproof Sandwich PUF Shed Panel

The fireproof sandwich PUF shed panel features wind resistance, heat preservation, waterproof, moisture-proof, sound insulation, self-extinguishing, energy-saving, and simple installation.

PUF Sandwich Panels for Cold Store

Our PUF sandwich panels are widely used for cold stores, buildings, storage, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, freezing stores, workshops, and more for walling and ceiling applications.

PUF Sandwich Panel for Roofing

We manufacture PUF sandwich panels for roofing feature anti-abrasion, anti-chemical, anti-corrosion, strong tension, stability, high elasticity, anti-tearing, lightweight, and high strength.

16mm PUF Sandwich Panel

Our 16mm PUF sandwich panels are available in a wide range of colors including blue, red, white, gray, and more. It is also available in a customized panel length according to your needs.

Different Features of Sandwich PUF Panel

As a manufacturer of sandwich PUF panels we always ensure that it gives a lot of features for different applications including the following below:

  • Easy to install and provides low maintenance
  • Energy savings for enormous economic benefits
  • Provide high load-bearing capacity and lifetime durability
  • Available in flexible options
  • Can improve thermal and acoustic insulations
  • Ready to aesthetically
  • Can be used as structural insulations panel
  • Provide lifetime weatherproof guarantee
  • Resistance to corrosion, physical impacts, fungus, and termites
  • 100% environmentally friendly
Different Features of Sandwich PUF Panel