Leading Sandwich Panel Supplier in China

Luton manufactures sandwich panel using high-quality materials, which has better resistance and strength against corrosion. We can customize them based on your size, thickness, and material requests.

  • Made with a waterproof, smooth surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Very durable
  • Highly efficient

Custom Sandwich Panel Supplier in China – Luton

Sandwich panels are premade building materials used to cover buildings and houses. It consists of two steel-sheet facings (external and internal) and a structural-insulation core sandwiched in between. The panel’s layer provides acoustic and thermal insulation, as well as good fire resistance due to its mineral wool construction. Steel facings resist corrosion and give the panel great tensile stability when combined with the core.

At Luton, we offer a wide variety of sandwich panels, including PU sandwich panels, foam sandwich panels, rock wool sandwich panels, and so on. Regardless of the industry you’re in, we supply reliable, long-lasting, and aesthetic solutions. We can customize your sandwich panels according to your specific requests.

Sandwich PUF Panel

Prefabricated in an automated factory, sandwich PUF panels come in prepainted galvanized steel sheets and stainless steel cladding. These panels are used in both roofing and wall.

Acoustic Sandwich Panel

The acoustic sandwich panel is self-supporting panels that have exceptional noise-insulating and noise-absorbing qualities, ideal for sound barriers, walls, cladding, etc.

Sandwich Panel By Thickness (6)

  • 25mm Sandwich Panel

    Most sandwich panel varieties with 25mm thicknesses are PIR panels and EPS panels. They are very lightweight, with excellent fire resistance, and sound insulation.

  • 30mm Sandwich Panel

    The 30mm Sandwich panel is one of the thinnest PU panels. It is widely used for architectural projects, constructions, industrial projects, roofing, and so on.

  • 40mm Sandwich Panel

    40mm Sandwich panel is a great option for insulated partitioning. Due to lightweight characteristics, these are easy to install and have improved strength.

  • 50mm Sandwich Panel

    50mm Sandwich panel has excellent heat insulation, lightweight properties, and rapid construction speed. The length and width are customized to your needs.

  • 75mm Sandwich Panel

    Custom sandwich panels with 75mm thickness are ideal for roofing projects. It features excellent fire resistance and waterproof designs. Used in civil buildings.

  • 100mm Sandwich Panel

    100mm thickness for sandwich panels is the thickest panel we supply. They are used as outer cladding for single and multi-story buildings. It offers excellent weather resistance.

Why Luton Sandwich Panel

We Customize
We Customize

At Luton, we can custom your sandwich panel requirements. We serve industries like architecture, construction, aerospace, etc.

Cost Effective
Cost Effective

All custom panels are cost-effective and eco-friendly. They can extremely withstand fire, water, storms, and other weather conditions.


We offer each sandwich panel with excellent weatherproof designs. Tell us your specific design and let us make it for you!


In terms of giving safety, our custom sandwich panels are your excellent choice. They give safe partitioning, ceiling, and roofing.

Custom Sandwich Panels: Ideal for Architectural Industry

Luton sandwich panels are economic and long-lasting solutions for a variety of structures, from architectural buildings to public spaces. They are becoming widely attractive as versatile wall and roofing materials.

As a leading manufacturer based in China, Luton offers a complete variety of sandwich panels, from foam sandwich panels, PU sandwich panels, to metal sandwich panels. According to your needs, we can custom sandwich panels with your required size, thickness, colors, and design. Just tell us about your custom requests. Contact us!

Custom Sandwich Panels Ideal for Your Business
How Are Sandwich Panels Made

How Are Sandwich Panels Made?

Sandwich panel is in any construction with three layers: a low-density core (EPS, mineral wool, PU), and a thin skin layer connected to each side.

However, Luton uses an automated production line in producing premade or custom-made sandwich panels. Our comprehensive production line was imported from Italy, OMS, and PUMA to guarantee a cutting-edge production process, resulting in the highest quality sandwich panels.

Custom Your Sandwich Panel Needs With Us!

Custom sandwich panels allow you to customize the panel core materials, profile thickness, joint, and finish to meet your specific requirements. You can also have panels made to fit the dimensions of your project.

To summarize, our custom panels are an excellent choice for modern industrial structures. They’re tough but simple to use. It provides excellent thermal insulation, soundproofing, and fire prevention. Customizable to your needs and reasonably priced!

Custom Your Sandwich Panel Needs With Us!

Luton – Your Trusted Sandwich Panel Manufacturer

Luton – Your Trusted Sandwich Panel Manufacturer
Luton – Your Trusted Sandwich Panel Manufacturer

With more than 43 years of rich experience, Luton has been focusing on supplying sandwich panels with quality that surpasses your expectations. All panel varieties we offer are fully certified by CE and FM quality standards. What’s more, we provide affordable custom services to fit your budget.

As of today, our company has 2,000 skilled employees with full experience in the industry. Plus, we have a fully automated production line in China to ensure an excellent production process. We also used high-quality raw materials to produce fire-resistant, sound-insulated, waterproof panels.

We accept bulk orders, expect 15 days delivery period. Contact us now!

Benefits of Luton Sandwich Panel

Cost Efficiency. Reduce your maintenance and operational expenditures. Our sandwich panels are sturdy, reusable, and biodegradable, allowing you to save money.

Simple & Quick Installation. These custom panels are simple to assemble and mount, allowing you to extend and remodel structures faster without disrupting other construction processes.

Water- and Moisture-Resistant. Eliminates water leakage and provides active shielding against snow and rain thanks to their precise joining details.

Superior Sound Absorption. It decreases and insulates unwanted noise in your area, allowing you to work in a quiet environment.

Longevity in Service. Have your buildings built with long-lasting, well-insulated wall and roofing materials that will last 10-20 years.

Quality Control

Sandwich panels are commonly utilized as an external covering for single and multi-story structures where the following features are required:

  • Insulation against heat, fire, and sound
  • Robustness and endurance
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Minimal cleaning and upkeep requirements
  • Low initial investment
  • Low long-term costs
  • Chemical resistance
  • Weather protection
  • Stability in dimensions
  • Lightweight

Custom Sandwich Panel for Any Application

Insulated Sandwich Roof Panels

Luton insulated sandwich roof panels are excellent panels for roofing applications. These sandwich panels are simple and quick to install. It also brings the aesthetic appearance to your buildings. It also comes in different sizes, thicknesses, and colors to match your applications.

Sandwich Wall Panels

The sandwich wall panel is composed of an outer face and different cladding systems. Its outer face is made of Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, zinc, and aluminum. The cladding system is made of EPS, XPS, MWRF, MPHEN, PIR, Polypropylene, and other materials based on your needs.

Cold Room Sandwich Panel

We can customize sandwich panel to meet your cold room applications. It comes from 60 to 100mm thickness and various colors. These panels have ability to withstand against all kinds of temperatures.

Clean Room Sandwich Panel

Sandwich panels used in the clean rooms have excellent flexural resistance, fire resistance, and dimensional stability. It is widely applicable to any cleanroom industry, like electronics, food, and pharmaceuticals. These panels offer better performance and are convenient to install.

Ceiling Sandwich Panel

We manufacture ceiling sandwich panels with complete features. It has excellent endurance, robustness, simple installation, long-term service, weatherability, and lightweight properties. These can be customized to meet your specific ceiling projects.

Professional Sandwich Panel Supplier in China
Professional Sandwich Panel Supplier in China

Luton started in the year 1978 and now accumulated more than 43 years of experience.  We offer custom sandwich panels that passed CE and FM certification.

  • Luton is a trusted supplier of my sandwich panel requirements. Their customer service is really accommodating. I have a great experience with your team.

  • If you’ve been looking for a reliable sandwich panel supplier in China, then choose Luton. I have been importing sandwich panels from them and I truly recommend their services!