Panel Struction

Sandwich panels are prefabricated units consisting of two steel-sheet facings (external and internal) and a structural-insulation core between them. The core of the panel guarantees thermal and acoustic insulation, and, being made of mineral wool, additionally provides high protection against fire. Steel facings are protected against corrosion, and, together with the core, give the panel high mechanical strength.

Roof Sandwich Panel

The Tile Sandwich Panel is the perfect solution for roofing of residential roofs, premises and traditional businesses or in industrial warehouses. Composed of two sheets of galvanized, pre-lacquered and profiled stee

Wall Sandwich PaneL

  •  Outstanding thermal insulation performance
  • The edge sealing process of PU takes both insulation and fifire protection requirements into consideration
  • The pure Rockwool panel achieves Class A fifire resistance rating
  • A diversity of surface textures allow for the creation of different visual effects
  • The secret nail mounting system offers a stronger structure and a more beautiful appearance
  • Multiple standard thicknesses are available, i.e., 50/75/100/150mm

Cold Storage Panel

  • Color coated and stainless steel sheets are available as thesurface material
  • High quality PU core offers excellent thermal insulating performance
  •  Class B1 fifire rating for the core material, achieving better flame retardancy when combined with the surface panel
  • Prefabricated in factory and coupled with a mature system,allowing convenient onsite installation
  • Multiple standard thicknesses are available, i.e.,50/75/100/150/200/300mm

Clean Room PaneL

  • The embedded carrier edge sealing of the quadro-type panel serves to improve strength and tightness
  •  Multiple surface panels are available, such as color steel, stainless steel and melamine
  • 10+ different core materials to adapt to different applications
  • The integral corner eliminates air leakage and dust collection in joints
  • The removable panel addresses the challenge lying in partial disassem bly of a partition wall