Metal Sandwich Panel Manufacturer in China

Luton manufactures metal sandwich panels with superior quality. We used different metals with varied thicknesses and designs in manufacturing them. You can also submit to us your desired patterns, which we will deliver right away. Contact us!

  • Constructed using high-quality metals
  • Used in commercial and industrial projects
  • Simple installation and transport
  • Toughness and max hardness

Custom Metal Sandwich Panel Supplier in China – Luton

Metal sandwich panels are panels skinned on the same sides with sheet metals and containing Thermo insulating core. These panels are widely used on roofs of buildings and clad the walls. All series offers excellent sound insulating performance, thermal insulating performance, lightweight, and fire-resistant.

At Luton, you’ll find complete series of metal sandwich panels with costs within your budget. We can supply FM and CE-certified panels that can be customized according to your requirements. With 43 years of panel production expertise, rest assured, that you can get the highest quality metal sandwich panels from us.

PU Insulated Metal Panel

The Pu insulated metal panels are sandwich panels commonly used as roofing materials. It offers many advantages, such as great resilience, durability, and simple installation. These guarantee the lifespan of any structural project.

Customized Metal Sandwich Panel

The customized metal sandwich panel is available in custom sizes, colors, and designs.  They are quick and very simple to install. At the same time, they provide ideal thermal insulation. It is worth your investment and adds value to your brand.

Metal Sandwich Panel 75mm

The metal sandwich panel with 75mm thickness is often used in commercial buildings, such as pharmaceutical and food industries. These types of panels are commonly used to build cold storage warehouses. It provides high fire resistance.

50mm Metal Sandwich Panel

50mm thickness for the metal sandwich panel is great for use as exterior cladding, most especially in single and multi-story buildings. These panels provide more weather resistance, ensure a noise-free building, and can add aesthetics.

Sandwich Panel for Cold Room

The metal sandwich panel is perfect for cold room warehouse projects. These panels are designed to insulate the space and maintain a range of temperatures. It comes with different thicknesses, colors, and designs according to your requests.

Curved Metal Sandwich Panel

Curved metal sandwich panels are commonly utilized in commercial and industrial buildings. These are seamlessly designed to meet your customized requirements. It comes with non-toxic properties, high fire resistance, and waterproof insulation.

Metal Sandwich Panel: Ideal for Any Building Projects

Luton metal sandwich panels can be used in a variety of structures. Whether used in industrial or commercial applications, they can be used as partitions, walls, and roofs. Because of their quick setup time and huge unit coverage, they are used to construct:

  • Logistics centers
  • Warehouse structures
  • Sport facilities
  • Cold stores and freezers
  • Shopping centers
  • Office buildings

For your specific building projects, we can customize metal sandwich panels to meet your needs.

Metal Sandwich Panel Ideal for Any Building Projects