HPL Sandwich Panel Manufacturer

Luton is a professional manufacturer of HPL sandwich panels for different applications. We supply HPL sandwich panels for façades, interior, furniture, roof, ceiling, partition wall, and more. It can be customized according to your specifications.

  • Fire and water resistant
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • FM and CE certified
  • Excellent performance

LUTON HPL Sandwich Panel

HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) sandwich panel is manufactured using glue solidifying, heating, compressing, and other techniques. The panel uses color painted, high-quality steel sheet that serves as the magnesium and skin layer material. Our HPL sandwich panel is manufactured to provide high strength, lightweight, and outstanding fire and water resistance.

LUTON is 43 years of providing quality products and excellent services in the steel industry. We can customize the HPL sandwich panel according to your special requirements. You rest assured that our panels are approved by many certifications, such as CE and FM. With our advanced manufacturing facility, we can supply you with a large volume of HPL sandwich panel.

HPL Paper Honeycomb Sandwich Panel

The paper sandwich panel can be made with hollow magnesium, rock wool, a combination of magnesium and rock wool, or paper as core material. It has lightweight compared to other panels.

HPL Hollow Magnesium Sandwich Panel

Strengthened and enclosed by four corner pieces and profiled galvanized bar of irons. These hollow magnesium sandwich panels are ideally used as both ceiling and wall panels.

HPL Aluminum Rock Wool Sandwich Panel for Roof

The HPL aluminum rock wool for roof sandwich panel is composed of thermal insulation surface material and surface material that is non-flammable and fire-resistant.

HPL Rock wool/Glass wool Sandwich Panel for Wall

The HPL rock wool sandwich panel for the wall has a surface material of core-added board steel composite that is non-flammable. Widely used for some warehouses and industrial plants.

HPL PU/PIR Roof Sandwich Panel

The material of the HPL PU/PIR roof sandwich panel meets the fire protection specification requirements. Also, a very effective material for sound insulation.

HPL PU/PIR Wall Sandwich Panel

This panel is known as noise-proof and environmentally friendly. The composite board has a sound insulation strength than can reach 40-50 decibels. A perfect sound insulation material.

Advantage of Luton HPL Sandwich Panel

  1. Luton uses high-technology green decorative profile materials to produce HPL sandwich panels for cleanroom.
  2. Our HPL sandwich panel has outstanding impact resistance, good surface wear resistance, moisture resistance, and scratch resistance.
  3. Alkali and acid resistance, excellent fire resistance, easy to clean, weather resistance.
  4. Economical which reaches construction technology and combined processing.
Advantage of Luton HPL Sandwich Panel