FRP Sandwich Panels Manufacturer

Luton is a professional manufacturer of FRP sandwich panels for different applications, including building frameworks, sports products, scaffolding, dry vans, and many more. It is available in many thicknesses to meet your needs.

  • Lightweight and high strength
  • Easy to assemble
  • We own high-end manufacturing equipment
  • 15 days delivery time

Luton FRP Sandwich Panels

The FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Polymer) sandwich panels are a fiberglass composite material that involves the core and skin. The FRP sheets contain fiber and resin. The resin can be phenolic, PP, PE, epoxy, PA, and many more. Luton FRP sandwich panel provides a combination of thermal insulation, lightweight, and high strength for service-life benefits.

If you need inexpensive structural fiberglass panels for your projects, think no further than Luton. Our FRP sandwich panel is well-manufactured, high gloss, and became a famous FRP panel choice by numerous equipment fabricators from different industries. Luton is over four decades of manufacturing and distributing different building materials around the world. We have imported manufacturing equipment and professional engineers to customize your FRP sandwich panels.

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FRP Sandwich Panels Freezer Truck Box

These refrigerated truck body sandwich panels are perfectly used for van trucks and can be customized. It has a material of FRP glass fiber reinforced plastic. The color can be also customized.

Class C FRP Sandwich Panels

The class C FRP is known as the most common type of FPR and also the most cost-effective among all types. Class C FRP panels are often used for restaurants, medical facilities, restrooms, breweries, etc.

Class A FRP Sandwich Panels

As it classifies as class A, it also means that it provides great and excellent protection. Compare to class C which has a 200 rating for flame spread, class A only has a spread rating of 25 and its material has a chance for self-extinguishing.

Smooth FRP Sandwich Panels

The smooth FRP panels have a modern look panel and have a powerful moisture resistance. This type of FRP panel is perfect for making a minimalist design and also for medical facilities that need a moisture-resistance.

Exterior Wall Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

The composite board of the rock wool sandwich panel adopts a good-quality color-coated plate as a panel. Its core material and raw materials are basalts. It has also an excellent property of thermal insulation.

FRP PU Polyurethane Foam Sandwich Panel

Known as FRP/GRP composite panel that has a structured format of FRP skin – core material – FRP skin. The FRP composite panel has high mechanical strength, good impact toughness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, etc.

FRP Sandwich Panel Features and Benefits

Luton FRP sandwich panel is the most popular used in the reinforced truck body panels. Our special propriety fabricating technique has benefited to our FRP sandwich panels being the first-choice composite panel. Several benefits and features of Luton FRP sandwich panels are the following:

  • Custom cut and custom designed to your specifications
  • Flawless single panel design
  • True structural panel
  • Highly durable and strong construction
  • Available in a wide range of colors, thicknesses, and core materials
FRP Sandwich Panel Features and Benefits