Fire Rated Sandwich Panel Manufacturer in China

Luton customizes fire rated sandwich panels according to your specific needs. We perform multiple fire resistance tests to ensure its quality against fire incidents. If you need them for your building projects, please contact us immediately!

  • High structural stiffness
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Passed CE and FM certification
  • One-stop service for our OEM customers

Custom Fire Rated Sandwich Panel Factory – Luton

Fire rated sandwich panels are panels ideal for heat-insulated wall cladding and roofing of commercial and industrial buildings. These panels are manufactured with excellent stability, tightness, and insulation. It meets the requirements for fire protection up to 4 hours in walls and up to 1 hour in ceilings.

Luton is committed to providing excellent, innovative sandwich panel solutions that are backed by thorough system fire testing and proven fire performance, as well as improved construction efficiencies and lifetime quality. If you have projects that require fire-resistant walls and ceilings, then choose Luton fire rated sandwich panels.

Fire Rated Rockwool Panel

Fire rated Rockwool panels made of an FRP/AAC combination have demonstrated remarkable strength and structural rigidity ratios. Perfect for building projects.

50mm Fire Rated Sandwich Panel

50mm Fire rated sandwich panels offer excellent characteristics when it comes to high stiffness and extreme strength. It provides excellent sound absorption.

Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel

Due to excellent quality and high fire resistance, the mineral wool sandwich panels are widely used as ceiling and walling for office buildings, cold stores, etc.

Roofing PU Sandwich Panel

Made of fire resistant Polyurethane materials, these panels have durable and excellent qualities. This system is used as a building protector against external factors.

Lightweight Sandwich Panel

We offer lightweight yet durable sandwich panels. It is custom-made according to your ideal sizes, thickness, colors, and designs. Economical and convenient.

EPS Fire Rated Sandwich Panel

Made of insulated EPS material, EPS fire rated sandwich panels act as protective walling for commercial and industrial facilities. It is also used in residential buildings.

Fire Rated Sandwich Panel Characteristics

Thermal insulating capabilities. The thermal insulating capabilities of the fire rated sandwich panel are determined by the filling material parameters.

Excellent fire performance.  The fire rated sandwich panel has a non-combustible A fire rating. Its structure, strength, and substance are resistant to fire. It can also safeguard your important life and property.

Sound absorption qualities. They can completely absorb noises, making them suitable for walls, ceilings, and roofing applications.

Fire Rated Sandwich Panel Characteristics