General Questions

What is a Sandwich Panel?

As a new building material, sandwich panel is a self-supporting composite panel composed of two metallic surfaces and an insulating core bonded between the two surfaces. In recent years, it has been widely used in various industrial buildings, allowing the building appearance to be more expressive, and creating an architectural effect that is simple,modern and elegant, to reflect the creativity of the architect and bring their design ideas to life. Therefore, it is highly favored by both the owner and the architect.

What is Rock Wool / Glass Wool

High-quality raw materials are selected to produce the noncombustible high-density water-repellent rock wool. After hightemperature melting and high-speed centrifugation, the materials,high-quality basalt and diabase, are drawn into fibers, and then added with a small amount of additives, such as binder, dust-proof oil,and water repellent. The product features excellent fire resistance,great sound insulation & heat insulation performance, and can be recycled continuously. Non-combustible glass wool boasts a light weight, low thermal conductivity, great sound absorption / waterproof performances, corrosion resistance, outstanding chemical stability,good processability, and superior economic applicability.

What certifications have your products passed? Do you have FM certification?

Yes ,we have CE and FM APPROVAL.Most suppliers do not have FM, CE certification, our products after FM, CE certification

How long is the fire resistance limit of your sandwich panel 50mm?

Customers need 50mm rock wool composite board fire resistance limit is 1 hour, our products composite board requirements

Do PIR sandwich boards have bulging problems?

Customer feedback PIR composite board bulging after installation, our products should be BASF raw materials, special production process, there will be no bulging.

Will the steel plate not be the same color after the installation of your sandwich plate?

Customer feedback composite plate color difference after installation, our company produces orders are using the same batch of steel mill goods, there is no more than one origin steel coil.

Can sandwich panels have uneven surfaces?

Customer feedback composite plate surface is not flat, our family production line is imported from Italy, strict product control, composite plate cost layout flat.

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