Leading Double Skin Sandwich Panel Manufacturer in China

Luton is a professional manufacturer of double-skin sandwich panels which aggressive for different environmental conditions such as moisture and high-temperature resistance. It offers a longer lifetime and endurance against weather conditions.

  • Offer low maintenance and long life service
  • Complete solution for all cladding needs
  • Suitable for building applications
  • Easy to clean and decorations

Custom Double Skin Sandwich Panel from Luton

Luton is a number provider of double-skin sandwich panels which are made from free-painted galvanized sheets with insulated polyurethane foam. It is suitable for steel buildings, portal cabins, room partitioning, and many more. Our double skin sandwich panels are available in 4 PU thicknesses from 20mm to 100mm.

We manufactured double-skin sandwich panels which are the solution to architectural problems. Kasu provides one-stop solutions for double-skin sandwich panels from designing and manufacturing to meeting your specific needs. We can also offer a customized double-skin sandwich panel for you.

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Double Skin Sandwich Panel for Decorations

We manufactured a double skin sandwich panel for decorations which offers different features such as antibacterial, mold-proof, and fireproof. It is available in customized designs, colors, and sizes to feet for different applications

Double Skin Sandwich Panel for Roof

Luton offers a double-skin sandwich panel for roofs that are made from hard polyurethane foam and offer best for industrial applications. The surface layer of this board is made of an aluminum alloy sheet that offers excellent rigidity.

Aluminum Double Skin Sandwich Panel

The aluminum double skin sandwich panel is available in different structures such as protective film for protection of panel frame, PVDF coating that is applied for aluminum, and LDPE/FR core which is made from low-density polyethylene.

Heat Insulation Cement Wall Double Skin Sandwich Panel

Our heat insulation wall cement double skin sandwich panel offers excellent rigidity and impact resistance, acid resistance, and alkali resistance, and is easy to install.  These are applicable for building exterior curtains and decorations.

High Quality Double Skin Sandwich Panel

We offer high-quality double skin sandwich panels that are available in different surface textures including small wave, flat, v-shape ribs, big ribs, and reinforcing. It has a thickness of 50mm p to 250mm to make sure it gives durable and long-life service.

Fire Resistance Double Skin Sandwich Panel

Kasu provides a fire resistance double skin sandwich panel that is made from high-quality materials to make it strong for different weather elements. It is composed of two galvanized sheets and rigid polyurethane foam.

What is Double Skin Sandwich Panel?

The double skin sandwich panel are assembled leaving an intermediate crawl space of variable thickness. This double-skin sandwich panel is mainly used for walls in structures which completely built with insulating panels, wooden walls, or any other materials. It offers a lot of features including thermal insulations, fire performance, water and air tightness, weight and space savings, dimensional tolerance, and much more.

We manufactured a double skin sandwich panel that is available in different colors, sizes, designs, and thicknesses. Kasu always uses high-quality raw materials in manufacturing a double-skin sandwich panel to ensure its durability and long-life service when using it. We can also offer 15 days delivery time, 24 hours of online communications, and so on.

What is Double Skin Sandwich Panel