Curved Sandwich Panel Manufacturer

Luton provides a custom curved sandwich panel for industrial roofing. Our curved sandwich panel is available in different thicknesses, ranging from 40mm to 160mm, or customize as per request.

  • Noise reduction
  • High load bearing
  • Condensation effect reduction
  • Hail damages reduction

Luton Curved Sandwich Panel

The curved sandwich panels provide a good time to produce a rounder, softer and curve to numerous ranges of structure types. They are the best solution for an industrial building that needs low weight and high performance. The panel is combined with supporting function, space enclosing, and heat insulating that are mostly flat, perfect for walling and roofing. Luton curved sandwich panel can be PIR and EPS made from polyurethane and mineral wool.

Luton provides eco-friendly designs of a curved sandwich panel that offers a lot of uses from new techniques to one-stop structural solutions. With our state-of-the-art mold technology, Luton can build dual and single curved shapes with minimum tooling waste. Luton is your ultimate curved sandwich panel manufacturer and supplier in China you can trust.

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Curved industrial roofing panel that is composed of two sheets of metal for covers. The panel can be produced and supplied with a specific and customized bending radius.

Curved EPS Foam Sandwich Wall Panel

These curved EPS foam sandwich wall panels are applicable to some project solutions such as 3D model design, graphic design, cross-category consolidation, etc. This EPS core material of wall panel has a core density of 8-20kg/m3.

Curved Polystyrene Gypsum Sandwich Panel

The Curve polystyrene gypsum sandwich panel has a core material of magnesium oxide and a thickness range of 50/75/100/150/and 200mm. The surface can be GI, PPGI, embossed aluminums, and etc.

Curved Insulated Roof Sandwich Panels

Can integrate heat preservation, waterproof, fireproof, and load-bearing. These versatile panels are usually used for temporary facilities like warehouses, offices, and construction sites.

Insulated Curved PU Wall Sandwich Panel

A panel that is widely used for warehouses, industrial plants, supermarkets, hospitals, cold storage, stadiums, building plus floors, mobiles homes, clean workshops, and other places that required insulation.

FRP Curved Sandwich Fiberglass Foam Panel

Has a weight capacity of 10-13.5kg/sqm. Its insulation has a thermal conductivity ranging from 0.034 to 0.037W/m. Has good waterproof performance and is ideally fit for different kinds of rooms.

Key Features of Curved Sandwich Panel

  • Drainage Channel: Designed for interior insulation to ensure watertight in exceptional weather phenomena.
  • Synthesized Expanded Polystyrene Insulation: Polystyrene is recyclable, insulating, resistant, and light. It delays the flame propagation and allows the steam to seep in. It ensures low energy consumption.
  • Front Closure: The front closure is utilized by folding the sheet inside, protecting and preserving the middle insulating through time.
  • High Walkability: The unique curving radius and shape optimizes the roofer’s walkability.
Key Features of Curved Sandwich Panel