Luton focuses on providing products which meet the high requirements of customers The production lines that have been put into operation, including sandwich panel, curtain wall, cold storage panel, cleanroom panel, all employ state-of-the-art equipment, technologies, and production management systems, with product lineup covering: metal façade, metal roof, cleanroom, and cold storage systems and more.

The Production Line

The whole production line was imported from PUMA, OMS, Italy, which employs state-of-the-art core production process introduced from Europe, as well as the seven-component onsite foaming technology, to guarantee the stability of product performance, while the application of the ultra-long dual tracks ensures the flatness of the panel products. Upon digestion and absorption of advanced technologies from abroad.

The Research & Laboratory

The operation of the Central Laboratory follows the international standards, and product quality control is classified into five modules, i.e., raw and auxiliary material inspection, product testing, process audit and laboratory inspection, which truly allows a seamless quality control process from raw material purchase, to inspection of final products, so as to guarantee a stable product quality.

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